How can your institution get involved in V-TOP?

As a Virginia institution of higher education, there are a variety of things you can do to participate in V-TOP, such as:

Transforming Federal Work-Study

This toolkit meets institutions where they are in their journey to make at least some on-campus/federal work-study jobs more internship-like. The toolkit provides guidance and solutions as an institution makes decisions, creates policy, and overcomes regulatory barriers to transform Federal Work-Study positions.

This PowerPoint serves as an abridged version of the toolkit. The PowerPoint can be saved/modified for institutions to use, obtain buy-in, and support the transformation of Federal Work-Study. 

Mike Rowe Works

V-TOP has partnered with the Mike Rowe Works Foundation to offer the Work Ethic Curriculum to nine community colleges or higher education centers, one in each of the nine V-TOP regions. To learn more and apply, click here.

Professional Development Scholarships

Scholarships for professional development are available to professionals whose career involves connecting students, institutions of higher education, and employers with the goal of expanding paid and credit-bearing internship and other work-based learning opportunities (job shadowing, tours, mentorship, externships, apprenticeships, field experiences, etc.). Details are available on the Professional Development Scholarship page.


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